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Cryptocurrency wallet or exchange supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

Ethereum: Advantages and Disadvantages

Ethereum(Ether) is the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency and a decentralized revolutionary contract platform. While anything can be built on top of Ether, from supply chain tracking systems to decentralized exchanges to digital art marketplaces, Defi Decentralized Finance is currently the most popular option. Every investor must thoroughly comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of Ethereum… Read More »

Current Bitcoin Regulation: A useful guide

One of the best parts about bitcoin and one of the main reasons for its rapid rise in popularity is the digital currency’s alleged absence of regulation. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now operating in legal limbo. Only a few nations have rendered cryptocurrency illegal (Egypt, Bolivia and Nepal, to name a few). However, most… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Trend and Predictions In 2021

The story of cryptocurrency has been bittersweet. During the rise, demand for cryptocurrency is at an all-time high. This trend is reflected in investor engagement in trading applications. In addition to serving as a speculative asset, cryptocurrency is undergoing fundamental development and becoming increasingly embedded in real-world business. Every year, hundreds of speculative forecasts are… Read More »